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 Várda Vulkán Ltd is a foundry shop, which deals with producing grey cast-iron products.


The casting past history of our company is nine years, on a business place and professional base, which has been operating for 80 years, as the foundry shop in Kisvárda was established in 1921, and the production is going on at this business place nowadays, too.

There are two Disa type production line at our company (2032 and 2013 MK3), on which we are able to produce cast products with 700x660 and 480x600 mm overall chamber dimensions. The capacity is 1200 form / shift / machine. Up to 0,5 kg - 40 kg /piece we have got other squeeze-moulding machines, too, on which we are able to produce cast products with 500x700 mm overall dimensions, 100 form / shift. For individual requests we are able to produce products with larger overall dimensions.

Our foundry furnace capacity contains two Junker type network frequency 5 tons electric induction furnace, which can produce 10 tons of good cast products per shift.

The quality of the produced casting products:

EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL -200, EN-GJL -250,
EN-GJS-50. (GG-15,GG-20,GG-25,GGG-50).

Classification of our products, according to their properties:

  1. Stove and fireplace cast products
  2. Production of complete stoves
  3. Casting parts and accessories of machine tools
  4. Elements of vehicle industry


Most parts of our products are machined by us (lathe machining, drilling, milling, painting, etc.) The tools necessary for the manufacturing are manufactured at our own plant.

The quality test of the cast products are carried out with ARL spectrometer. Our company use verified breaking tester, hardness tester and electric microscope to define materials precisely.