Várda Vulkán Kft.

Várda Vulkán KFT is a foundry for the production of grey cast iron products. Since 1996, the company has been operating in its current form, and the casting activity began in 1921 on this site. We have 2 Disamatic production lines of different sizes. The system is equipped with Foromat hand pressing molding machines. The melt iron is produced in two pieces of 5-ton induction furnaces.

The equipment of the foundry favors the production of small and medium series. We have great experience in manufacturing thin-walled castings. We can machine a significant part of our products (turning, drilling, milling, painting, etc.).

Machining takes place in the foundry at our cutting plant. The tools needed for production are manufactured in our own factory, or we adapt the existing pattern to our own system.

The material quality test of the castings is controlled by a spectrometer.

Our products can be grouped according to their characteristics:

  • Oven and fireplace castings
  • Production of complete stoves and fireplaces on a different place
  • Manufacturing of Engineering castings, agricultural machine parts
  • Manufacturing of garden- , barbecue and food industrial utensils
  • Manufacturing of light alloyed heat-resistant parts.

Várda Vulkán Kft.

4600 Kisvárda, Árpád út 2.

+ 36 45 415 188

+ 36 45 415 189


Opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 8:00 – 15:00

Friday: 8:00–13:00

Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED